Furniture Buyout in St Louis

The most discrete and expedient personal property liquidation strategy.

When efficiency and privacy are the most important considerations for selling personal property, The Refind Estate's Buyout option is the best overall strategy.  In cooperation with our partner store, The Refind Room, we will purchase either partial or entire homes, allowing the homeowner, family, or trustee to recieve an immediate cash payment and prompt removal of the items.  We offer a free, no obligation consultation to assess the estate and will provide an offer within 48 hours.  Typically, once our offer is accepted, we will remove all items from the home at no additional cost to the home owner. This option specifically favors:

  • anyone moving, redecorating, downsizing, or attempting to quickly prepare real estate for sale.
  • heirs wishing for prompt, discrete resolution of an estate.
  • limited amounts that do not justify a full estate sale or on-site auction.
  • condominium or other residential communities that specifically prohibit organized sales.

Every effort will be made to avert items from local landfills and dispose in an environmentally responsible manner.  Special attention will be given to isolate household hazardous toxins from the wastestream.  The Refind Estate will coordinate with homeowners to arrange for safe disposal of toxic substances.  Certainly, every estate has unique characteristics and requirements.  Call The Refind Estate, 314-962-7666, or email to shedule a free consultation, and let us discuss if a Furniture/Decor Buyout is right for you. 

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Our partner, The Refind Room, offers St. Louis' most eclectic mix of vintage and modern furniture and home decor.

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